Recent Updates



  • Import spreadsheet supports uploading by MSKU (ASIN not required)



  • Add case-packed support for batch items



  • Show item count in Plan Ready button
  • Enhance performance when importing from spreadsheet

Manage Team

New view under your name in the top nav. Similar to the Sub-Users section on the Account page, Manage Team also supports:

  • updating roles, ship froms, and settings in bulk
  • cloning a sub-user (automatically use selected user's roles and settings when creating a new user)
  • creating users in bulk

This view is only available to the parent/main account and will eventually replace the Sub-Users section on the Account page.



  • Don't print item labels when a FNSKU is scanned and "Print item labels when packing" setting is ON



  • Show Complete Shipment button on shipment after sending contents for non-partnered SPD
  • Don't create a new box when "Create a new box after printing a label" setting is ON and all items have been packed
  • Catch 'FTXGatewayService' error when estimating SPD shipments



  • Search globally when receiving mode is on and only show batch results
  • When searching, only show sections (boxes, unpacked, batches) that has results (e.g. Don't show unpacked section if there aren't any unpacked)
  • Add Default Box Contents Source setting. Defaults to FEED
  • Display box contents source for each shipment and allow for editing (updates in SC)

Pack History

  • Enhance performance



  • Add sub user roles to allow parent/main account to control who can see price, cost, and net payout



  • Add setting to show parent or child title
  • Add setting to show warning icon when parent/child titles differ up to the first 5 words
  • Tapping on the title displays parent and child titles



  • Accept/Reject notes for parent ASINs also displays for all children
  • Show all accept/reject notes if ASIN and brand matches
  • Add accept/reject note based on word in the title
  • Improve restricted check using SP-API. Login to SC no longer required
  • Display parent ASIN's title when scanning and add warning icon if differs from child ASIN's title
  • Identify meltable items
  • Add secondary discount



  • Add support for non-partnered SPD



  • Update Boxt settings


Boxt - Officially launch Boxt Beta (v 2.0)!

  • Update layout and styles
  • Integrate POs/batches
  • Hide/show POs/batches and shipments
  • Selecting PO/batch filters only displays associated shipments and visa versa
  • View POs/batches/shipments by location or all locations
  • Import from Buylist/Inventory/Spreadsheet into PO/batch
  • Import Spreadsheet improvements allow selecting and editing information before importing
  • Add ability to add batch items individually from a PO/batch to a shipment
  • Add "Enable warehouse user interface" listing setting to enable easily track ordered and received quantities and display Receiving toggle
  • Search globally across POs, batches, shipments, and boxes or from context (selected PO, batch, shipment)
  • Newly created inventory (even created outside of ScanPower) is automatically synced when added to a batch
  • Automatically merge ship from locations to prevent duplicate ship from addresses
  • Add total value per shipment and per box
  • Support FBA Box labels for SPD shipments
  • Add ability to add tags per batch, batch item, shipment, and inventory
  • Add PO and shipment progress bars
  • New Inventory Management view. Includes sum ordered, received, damaged, and missing by location
  • Add "Play notification sound on packed" setting


Live Arbitrage

  • Parent account is no longer required to be tracked in order to track sub users



  • Add Dymo support using QZ Tray


Order Detail Report

  • Add Return to Seller status
  • Add default return status when settlement reports are synced
  • Allow setting return status before settlement reports have synced
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