Changelog for 2023


Batch History

  • Add Inventory Tags

Prep & Ship

  • Purchase Orders no longer appear under Prep & Ship. Available on Enterprise Pro, 3PL Enterprise, and Prep Client plans
  • Import across multiple POs into a single batch. Available on Enterprise Pro, 3PL Enterprise, and Prep Client plans
  • Reconfigure item labels
  • Add add setting to include shipment ID on item labels
  • Add option to print 30 up item labels in columns
  • Add setting to include FNSKU barcode at the bottom of FBA Box labels for single SKU boxes
  • Add fulfillment center ID to bottom of pallet labels
  • Add setting to make the minimum expiration date configurable
  • Manage inventory tags in SKU view
  • Add option to include cost in Pack List
  • Add settings to show/hide dimensions, weight, and size tier for batch items
  • Fix issue when Print item labels when packing and Print expiration date labels when packing settings are both on and not printing directly

Purchase Orders

New view under Prep & Ship for managing POs. Available on Enterprise Pro, 3PL Enterprise, and Prep Client plans


Live Arbitrage

  • Add download
  • Add Bought column


  • Sold Quantity honors the Days filter and includes sales across all marketplaces
  • Add number of returns and honor Days filter and includes returns across all marketplaces
  • Don't show used/collectible offers in FBA column if "Hide Used/Collectible Offers" setting is on
  • Detect ASINs in Accept/Reject notes and search the ASIN in mobile if clicked
  • Add 90 Days to filter
  • Remove "Awaiting Approval" message for tracked Live Arbitrage users
  • Add "Clear All" and "+ $5" buttons to keyboard



  • Support printing expiration dates on 30-up item labels



  • Add total weight to batch summary



  • Display warning icon next to "Expires" label if Amazon has flagged the item as needing an expiration date. Not yet supported in the SKU view
  • Show shipment preview filter green if all items in the batch are in a shipment and bluish-green if listed and selected
  • Support user-defined mappings (Manage mappings) when search globally and listing individually into a batch
  • Allow packing from Unpacked List while in SKU view

Manage (Inventory) Mapping

New view under "Inventory" in the top nav.

  • Allow creating a mapping with a user-defined UPC to one or more ASINs



  • Add Slovakia and Portugal



  • Selecting batch items honor filters
  • Prevent editing batch items for archived POs/batches
  • Uploading pack list supports SPD shipments
  • Import Spreadsheet accepts "Supplier" has a column name for Source

Sales Report

  • Custom date range allows for manually entering dates

Source Performance

  • Custom date range allows for manually entering dates



  • Add SKU view for alternative packing workflow
  • Show buylist notes in bold and red when listing individually
  • Display warning when sending contents and any pallets are missing dimensions



  • Allow deleting boxes in bulk from Bulk Pallet/Box Update screen

Inventory Valuation

New report under "Inventory" in the top nav.

  • Toggle saving a daily snapshot
  • Filter by date and/or by ASIN/UPC/MSKU/Title
  • Download report



  • Indicate archived batches when searching globally
  • Include CLOSED shipments when viewing archived shipments
  • Only show "No Additional Prep Required" if there are not any prep instructions
  • Retain original shopper when listing partial buylist quantity
  • Allow only sending price feed



  • Import All from Import Buylist includes all pages
  • Include Shipment ID on batch item and filter
  • Updating the ship from on a PO also updates it on the related batches
  • MSKU template supports buylist notes



  • Remove unlisted inventory from Import Inventory

Inventory Management

  • Remove unlisted inventory

Misc - Automatically authorize all marketplaces in your region when you authorize one marketplace - Display non-authorized marketplaces in the top nav marketplace dropdown as grayed out. Clicking on one will allow you to authorize



  • Add 'No FNSKU' error to list of errors in the Batch Detail Download
  • Add warning when creating more than 200 boxes for SPD shipemnts
  • Display items with errors in Shipment Plan dialog


  • Allow downloading feeds sent to Amazon


  • Always return all Accept/Reject and ASIN/Brand/Title notes

Prep Centers

  • Allow proxying into another customer's account without having to deproxy



  • Better handle when user needs to go through LWA
  • Add Price to "Warn if Missing Before Buying" setting



  • Add "Show All" filter which includes all unlisted, listed, and archived items


  • Missing dimensions inputs honor the metric setting


Batch History

  • Add item dimensions


  • Allow overriding box weight when Auto Box Weight setting is ON


  • Add support for Belgium and Poland



  • Fix Auto Pallet Weight calculation when Auto Box Weight setting is ON
  • Show Listings issues when items are added to a batch
  • Allow shipment quantity edits for unpacked items up to 5% or 6 units
  • Add Manage Team role to allow a sub-user to manage other sub-user roles and permissions



  • Support printing shipping labels when the box content source is 2D_BARCODE or NONE



  • Support sending missing dimensions when creating listings
  • Display ship to address in content pane when a shipment is selected
  • Support sending only carton feed for partnered shipments (Only Send Feed button in Shipping Charges dialog)
  • Support $price in MSKU template



  • Show category and storage type on batch items. Requires them to be checked under "Show/Hide Columns" in Quick Settings or Settings --> Boxt --> Listing
  • Add ability to sort batch items by created date (default), category, or storage type
  • Add Pallet Utilization in batch summary. See Boxt settings --> Listing --> Pallet to enable "Show Pallet Utilization" and set the avg. pallet height, pallet thickness, and pallet utilization %
  • Add damaged, storage type, and errors to Batch Details download

Inventory Management

  • Add ability to manually sync storage types can be synced



  • Add filter batch items by fulfillment center (FC) ID
  • Holding down shift key while clicking "Create Shipment" regenerates shipment plan



  • Pass price and cost values to Mobile when listing individually and clicking on the "offers" link
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